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Privacy Policy

At FlyYatri we understand how important our customer’s privacy is. We value your trust and are committed to protecting the data you provide when using our services. In line with this, we have listed below our Privacy Policy which outlines how we collect and handle the personal information provided to us each time you visit

Note: On occasion, we provide our customers content from co-branded or partners’ websites. These are available via links located on our portal. Content and data provided in these partner sites are not subject to our Privacy Policy. We recommend that our customers review the corresponding Privacy Policy of these sites accordingly to determine how they use and treat your data.


While we are proud to offer customized service to our customers based on the information we request, we also place the highest value on your trust and respect for your privacy. In alignment with this principle, we ensure your data is secure at all times, and is utilized only how you would want it.
Our Privacy Promise encompasses the following:
• The basic data we request includes information used to identify you: such as your name, gender, contact information, address, date of birth and travel-specific information such as passport details or frequent flyer membership details.
• The data collected is the basic minimum required in delivering our service (service being inclusive of advice provided to customers about our products and services based on customer preference, as well as for internal administration of our business).
• The data collected is shared with service providers at the time of booking & reservation of the service.
• We maintain the highest standards of digital information security and confidentiality to store any data that you share with us.
• Your data can be accessed only by authorized employees of FlyYatri who are well trained in handling your personal information.
• In the rare event of any violation of our Privacy Policy by an employee, the concerned employee will be referred to our internal disciplinary framework.
• We maintain complete control over the confidentiality of your data.
• We do not share your information to any external parties unless this has been previously disclosed to the customer, or agreed upon with the customer, or is required by law or governing body.
• Should the customer expressly indicate an interest in a FlyYatri Partner’s product or service, we may share their data with the approval of the customer.
• In the above case, the Privacy Policy of the Partner Website would apply.
• Partners of FlyYatri contracted to provide support services are required to conform to our privacy standards. FlyYatri also retains the “Right to Audit” our partners for compliance.
• We try to ensure that the data maintained by us is accurate and up-to-date.
• Customers are provided information on how they can easily access their personal information. We also provide a mechanism to contact us in case of any errors in personal data, which are rectified promptly.


• General information
At the time of registration and booking of services, we collect information to facilitate your booking process and to identify you. This includes your name, address, telephone/mobile number and email id. Children under the age of 13 are not required to furnish this information. In addition, for users under the age of 18, explicit content is required from a parent/guardian to provide us with personal information.
• Web Site Usage Information
We collect IP Addresses and web site usage information when you visit our site. This data is used primarily for self-evaluation, to help us improve our online platform and to provide insights as to how our customers use and navigate our site. All the data is aggregated to help us identify how our site is performing. Some of the aggregates we consider are the number of unique visitors, frequency of visits, browsing patterns, number of views on each Web Page and Time Spent on each visit.


We refer to your personal information in the following instances:

• For availing our services, for which you have specifically provided us the information - . This includes services that require your basic information such as booking of hotels & flights. We apply only the minimum level of data required for any booking.
• To contact the customer in relation to any activity on their account with us.
• To share updates on new or existing products and services, special offers and promotional material. Customers can opt out of this if desired.
• To provide enhancements to existing products or addition of features, or develop new product and service offerings.
• To provide personalized content in the form of advertising which are based on our customers’ personal preferences.
• We might combine the information you provide us on our portal www.FlyYatri with information that you might provide on any other products, Services or websites under the same umbrella.
• In rare and special circumstances, we may disclose and use personally identifiable data in order to enforce our Terms of Use. For example: in case we wish to safeguard our intellectual property rights.
• We may disclose or use your personal information when we are bound to do so by law or by a regulatory or governing authority.


Our website makes use of “cookie” technology for the purpose of customization and speed. Cookies are tiny bits of information that are sent by a Website to your browser/computer. These “cookies” can contain information such as basic data about your browser or website preferences and are stored locally on your hard drive as text files or in your computer’s memory temporarily. The purpose of cookies is to enable your browser to move faster through our site by remembering your preferences. Each time you visit our website, or when you access certain online features, we may pass such tiny bits of information to enhance your online experience.


All personally identifiable information is stored in securely in limited access servers.We follow stringent standards to protect the server and consequently your data.

Internet-Based Transfers

Our service offering being global in nature, this necessitates that the transmission of data happens via the internet. Thereby we acknowledge that, by accessing our portal and communicating with us via the portal, or by any means involving the internet, the customer has provided implied consent to collection and processing of personal data in this manner.


Our Privacy Policy is subject to change based on the dynamic environment of digital transacting, laws governing information systems’ security and privacy, and requirements of Regulators / Governing Agencies / other Bodies of Law such as a Court of Law or Law Enforcement agency. Any changes to our policy will be posted here for our customers’ perusal. However, please be assured that any information provided under the terms of a specific privacy policy, will be protected by the terms outlined in that policy, as it was in force, at the time of submission. We will not use your information in a manner that is materially inconsistent or deviant from the original policy (under which you have shared your data), without express consent from you.


If you have any queries, comments or concerns in relation to our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us :