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The website www.flyyatri.com www.flyyatri.com (henceforth referred to as “the site” or “the website” or “portal”) – is the online travel platform of Oxygen Travel Solutions.This website is published and maintained by Oxygen Travel Solutions for its unit FlyYatri (henceforth also collectively referred to as “we”), a company incorporated and existing in accordance with the laws of the Republic of India. By accessing or browsing or using this site, either directly or through hyperlinks, and/or purchasing any product or service, you (“henceforth referred to as “you”, “the user” or “the customer” or “the client”) accept, without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions set forth below. This User Agreement constitutes a binding contract between you and Oxygen Travel Solutions with regards to the usage of various services that are provided by Oxygen Travel Solutions. These terms & conditions supersede and replace any prior “Terms and Conditions” agreements or understandings, whether written or oral, regarding usage of the website. These terms and conditions apply to all users of the site, including without limitation, vendors, buyers, customers, merchants, browsers and/or contributors of content.
The following general terms & conditions apply to access and usage of the site.

• The website is the online platform for advertising, promotion and sale of products or services offered by Oxygen Travel Solutions and / or its various partners.

• By using this site in any way, the user assumes all risks associated in accessing or browsing or transacting an internet based website.

• The user also agrees to use this site in a manner consistent with the law, without any infringement on the rights of any other party.

• The user also agrees not to attempt to access any information not openly provided to them, such as backend systems or data belonging to any other user, for any reason whatsoever. The user shall not make any attempts to bypass any security measures the website has in place.

• We retain the right to refuse service or sale of any product or service on the site at our sole discretion and for any reason at any time.

• All Travel related services, packages,arrangements and prices listed on the site are compiled and provided by Oxygen Travel Solutions.

• The user agrees that all services and products provided are on an “As is” basis.

• The sales of services listed in our publications, are made by Oxygen Travel Solutions, only in the capacity of an Agent of the person, business, company or operator providing the said service.

• Oxygen Travel Solutions has taken due care and responsibility to verify all information on the site for accuracy and timeliness at the time of compilation. However, this information is supplied to us by our partners such as Airlines, Hotels, Tour/Cruise Operators and other logistics providers. As such, Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri.com accepts no liability or responsibility for inaccuracies, misstatements, incorrect descriptions or material/immaterial errors contained in any publication.

• The terms and conditions listed below can be modified by Oxygen Travel solutions at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notice to the user.

• Any links available on our site, pointing to an external party’s website, such as advertisements, will be governed by the terms and conditions of the destination website. The user is advised to review the third party’s Terms and Conditions as well before availing the services.


• The Website and its contents including products and services are owned by Oxygen Travel Solutions.
• The user agrees to not attempt to reproduce any imagery or content of the website for any purpose without express permission from Oxygen Travel Solutions.

• We exclusively hold the copyright on all original/custom artwork, graphic elements, maps, navigation elements, presentation methods, design elements, tools and original content including descriptive text.

• Copyright on selected photographic images is also held by Oxygen Travel Solutions.

• Certain Photographic images are reproduced with the permissions of Oxygen Travel Solutionsand the product and/or service providers represented on the website, or as shown where necessary, to satisfy the copyright obligations associated with electronic reproduction.

• Where joint copyright is held over proprietary text or images, FlyYatri reserves the right to pursue all copyright infringements on behalf of the primary copyright holder.

• Where a photographic image is provided by a third party under license, FlyYatri reserves the right to vigorously protect the copyright of those images on behalf of the third party.


• The user might be required to “sign up” for an online account for availing certain services. The user must choose a username and strong password for signing up.

• While we maintain high security standards to protect our site, it the responsibility of the user to protect their identifying information.

• The user is expected to provide basic information required to book a product or service on the site.

• The user is expected to provide accurate information on the site for the purposes of booking a service or product

• We accept no liability of any kind, for any hardships arising from inaccurate information, provided by the user.

• The user is also expected to comply with any laws governing the site.

• Providing false or inaccurate information or any fraud or unlawful activity on this site can be grounds for immediate termination from the site, with no future liability towards the user. This will be at the sole discretion of Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri.

• The user also agrees to not use the website or its contents for any of the following:

o Violate any intellectual property rights
o Upload malicious software or attempt to bypass security measures
o Perpetrate any fraud
o Harass, threaten or abuse any person or violate their legal rights
o Unlawfully gather information about users of the site
o Engage in any unlawful activity
• The user is required to routinely review the Terms & Conditions listed in this page for any modifications or variations.

• The user is also advised to review our Privacy Policy also published on the website.


• Access to the website may be interrupted for the purposes of maintenance on a scheduled or unscheduled basis. The user agrees that access may be interrupted by anticipated or unscheduled downtime, however Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri.com bears no liability towards the user for any loss caused due to such a downtime.

• In the event of any violation by the user, of any terms and conditions outlined here, Oxygen Travel Solutions can at any point of time, revoke the user’s account (if any) or restrict or deny access to the user to all or part of the website. This lies at the discretion of Oxygen Travel Solutions.

• The User can also request termination of their online account by notifying us.


• All prices & services are subject to change without prior notice.

• Oxygen Travel Solutions accepts no responsibility for any change in pricing or variation in services for any product/service offering as listed.

• The standards of accommodation and nature of service offerings are affected by various factors which are generally accepted as indicative of certain class or category of service.

• Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri.comaccepts no liability of any kind for any actions such as omissions, defaulting or evasion (whether by way of negligence, intent or otherwise) of service providers, with whom the customer has pursued a direct contract between themselves and the service provider, and over which Oxygen Travel Solutions has no control.

• We accept no liability in any form (oral or written) or in tort (actionable wrong) for any injuries, damages, losses, delays, additional expenses, incidental expenses, inconveniences caused either directly or indirectly, by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part, including but not limited to war, civil unrest, fire, floods, unusually adverse weather, acts of God, acts of Government or any other authorities, accidents, failure of machinery, equipment or industrial action.

• It is required that the customer check with us for any changes or variations to any information listed on our web site. This allows us to advise our clients of changes that are dynamic and effected by external factors. Clients are advised to reach us before booking their service or before departure.


 Our quotation system accesses both live and static pricing, both of which are dependent on the suppliers of the said pricing.

 It is not uncommon for Service Providers such as Airlines, Cruise Liners, Hotels and Holiday Package providers to revoke, sell out, alter or withdraw pricing, including advertised special rates or promotional prices.

 If the prices, rates or inclusions vary from your quotation or from an advertised price, or any offering is withdrawn, we will advise of the current status prior to the booking request and processing of the transaction.

 If you do not wish to proceed with your request, you have the option to cancel your request at any stage, prior to payment with no cost to you.

 Once your booking has been confirmed and payment executed, any new offers, promotions, specials, discounts etc. cannot be applied to existing bookings.

 Prior to full and final payment being received, we reserve the right to alter prices and rates or servicesand packages in the event of changes in exchange rates, or price increase made by wholesalers or other suppliers, changes in market factors, or other factors beyond our control.

 Rates listed are appropriate to a particular product or service or offering at the time of quoting and these rates are subject to change prior to the date of travel or date of delivery of service.

 If the cost of any service increases due to exchange rate fluctuations, price increases, tax law modifications or any other reason, you are required to pay the increase when notified by us, or you have the option to cancel the booking.

 We accept no liability of any kind for any increase that occurs due to exchange rate fluctuations, taxes, supply side changes or other any other factors.

 All prices and service offerings are subject to availability, and can be withdrawn, varied or terminated at any time, without notice.


 All bookings will be confirmed only once the full amount has been received by us.

 We provide customer the flexible options to pay the amount due: by either an active credit card, or by way of bank transfer to avoid card fees.

 Travel Vouchers and booking confirmations in any form (email, online document or otherwise) will be issued only post the receipt of the full amount.

 In case the customer fails to pay by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel or automatically charge the credit card provided to complete the final payment.


Where possible we will attempt to resolve complaints at the first point of contact. If we are unable to resolve your complaint, we will undertake an investigation of your complaint and provide you with our findings and possible solutions. If you are satisfied with our proposed decision or course of action, we will close your complaint and record the findings for our Continuous Improvement Program.


Oxygen Travel Solutions may, at its sole discretion, cancel the PNR or any booking, without prior notice or information to the customer, in the following cases:

 The credit card/debit card used for payment of the fare has been reported lost or stolen or has been invalidated for any reason.

 The itinerary or booking or electronic ticket is counterfeit and obtained fraudulently

 The itinerary has been altered by any party, other than authorized agents of Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri, or has been mutilated (in which case we reserve the right to retain such documentation)

 The contact details provided in the booking are misleading/incorrect/incomplete/or match with details in other bookings for which the credit/debit card holder has raised a dispute or chargeback.

To avoid being a victim of card related fraud, Oxygen Travel Solutions advises our customers to keep the following in mind:

 If you have booked your tickets or hotels with a credit card, carry photocopies of your card (both front & back) with you while travelling.

 If the booking has been made on someone else’s card, do carry a letter of authorization from that person along with a photocopy of the card (front & back).

 While submitting the photocopy of the card when requested, remember to strike out the CVV number (italicized numbers located on the reverse side of the card near the signature panel)


• Fares & Schedules are subject to change without notice due to a variety of factors as outlined above. (Also see section covering Terms and Conditions of Booking - Quotes, Rates & Price Variations)

• Changes to customer name are not permitted for flight bookings.

• Subject to availability and payment of applicable charges, changes can be made to your booking as follows:

 Changes / Rebooking / Cancellations to the Origin and / or Destination of travel OR Date or Time can be made to your booking if you notify us at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

 You can do this either via our website or the Airline Ticketing counter, or by calling the Airline Customer Call Center.

• The onus for cancelling the PNR within the stipulated time rests on the Customer, and if required should be done by visiting the Airport Ticketing Counters.

• The charges for changes to Flight Bookings are as follows:

Domestic Flight Changes: Airline Charges (to be confirmed at the time) + Fly Yatri Service charge of 100/- Inr

International Flight Changes: Airline Charges (to be confirmed at the timeof making the change) + Fly Yatri Service charge of 200/- Inr

• All or any changes to Hotel Bookings or Tour Package Bookings are subject to availability on the part of the Service Provider and may not be guaranteed. Such a modification or cancellation may be either with or without a modification or cancellation fee.Such or cancellation could also result in partial or complete loss of original booking amount, where either only part of the original booking amount will be refunded or no refund of the original booking amount will be due at all. The user agrees to bear the loss of the original booking amount in such an event with no liability on Oxygen Travel Solutions or FlyYatri.com.


We offer our customers multiple modes of payment. We accept MasterCard, VISA and are also equipped to accept Net Banking Transfers via Payment Gateways.


• Customers should be advised that certain airfares are offered subject to conditions which may limit, restrict or exclude their right change or cancel their bookings.

• In case of credit card payments, if a refund is due to a customer, the refund shall be made within seven days of the cancellation to the account of the card holder.

• In case of cash transactions, if a refund is due to a customer, the refund shall be processed immediately by the office from where the ticket was purchased.

Please contact us if you have any further queries about our security, privacy or data handling procedures.